A Confidential Counselling Service in Dalston, Hackney East London

A confidential counselling service


How can I help?

There are different types of counselling and therapy on offer, dependent on the issue that you would like to work on and what you would like to achieve.

How is therapy useful?

I think therapy is a helpful thing. I think everyone knows it. You do it for your life, you do it for yourself, because you want to explore some things, and get at the bottom of some things. It's about your life, the quality of your life. 

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Online Counselling

Web Chat sessions 

This is for those clients who want the convenience of online counselling.  

This is suitable for clients who for whatever reason need to talk to counsellor but cannot arrange a face to face session.

Some clients feel more able to talk freely using web chat rather than experience the anxiety of coming to therapy.

It may be that the travelling to a counsellor is difficult to arrange.  Whatever the reason web chat is a safe and confidential way of accessing counselling.

Sessions are a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

6 to 12 sessions

There is growing evidence that CBT is effective in treating a range of problems:

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Social Phobias

• Panic Attacks


• Other Phobias

• Eating Disorders

• Self - Esteem and Assertiveness

CBT offers a range of treatment protocols and tools that help deal with current problems and can be used outside of therapy to prevent relapse.

 Psychodynamic Counselling

As many sessions as needed

Psychodynamic counselling is helpful in dealing with a range of issues that you may be facing, including:

• Difficult relationships

• Coping with divorce

• Pre-marriage problems

• Sexual difficulties

• Abuse (mental, physical, sexual, spiritual)

•Living with difficult relations (including parents and children)

• Facing redundancy

• Difficulty in decision-making


• Aggression

• Self-image

It is open-ended in that you will be able to come for as long as you feel that you need counselling. This is suitable for clients who may need more than six sessions.